LTC Lab Services

Sampling, testing & quality certification division aims to achieve excellence by applying technology and scientific systems. Provide credible, accuracy and quality inspection, testing and certification services to the clientele to decide the quality durability and value of the commodity.

Food & Agri Products

Spices & Condiments – Ajwain, Chillies Whole, Coriander Whole, Cumin Whole, Fennel Whole, Fenugreek Whole, Pepper Black Whole, Turmeric Whole, Cardamom Whole, Cardamom Seeds, Cloves, Methi.

Oil Cake – Cotton Seed Cake, Groundnut Cake, Rape Seed, Rice Bran DOC, Soyabean Cake, Sunflower Cake.

Oil Seeds – Castor Seeds, Groundnut, Lin Seed, Mustard, Niger Seeds, Safflower, Sesame, Soyabean, Sunflower, Cotton Seeds

Cereals & Pulses – Bajra, Jowar, Maize, Wheat, Barley, Bengal Gram, Lentil, Red Gram, Paddy, Broken Rice, Raw Rice, Parboiled Rice, Urad, Moth, Chawra

Other Commodities – Guar Gum, Copra, Cup Copra, Isabgol Husk, Tamarind Seeds, Seedless Tamarind, Guar Seed, Watermelon, Dried Tamarind, Guar, Pista Shelled, Pista Unshelled, Sugar

Note: All the testing methods are being used at LTC Labs are as per IS and AOCS.

Locations – Jaipur, Bikaner, Akola, Delhi, Mehsana and Indore

All labs are well equipped and available for carrying out the Grain analysis, Chemical & Microbiological Tests like Infrared Analysis, Moisture, Nitrogen, Free Fatty Acid, Oil Percentage, Protein, Iodine Value, Impurities in Oil, Saponification, Argimone Test, Color Test for Oil, Cold Acetone Insoluble, Specific Gravity & Mineral Oils test.

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